Newly painted front of shop
Newly painted front of shop

Knobbly Knees is a family run business in the heart of Sevenoaks town, Kent. It was born out of a need to make a difference to the fight against the climate crisis. The best things we can do to make a difference is eat less meat and reduce our waste. We provide waste-less pantry essentials, homewares and gifts to the people of Sevenoaks and surrounding area. We also have a kick-ass deli counter serving a range of seasonal food, vegan 'cheese', baked goods and sweet treats! Pop in and say hello or use the website to order and have it delivered.

Mrs K and her little workers
Getting ready to fit kitchen

We are a lively family of five; three kids, two parents plus three hens, a tortoise, two cats and a dog! We have never run our own business before; Mr Knobbly Knees previously working in it and mrs knees having a distinguished academic career whilst caring for their three children. This is definitely a family venture and during the preparations for the opening of the shop, the whole clan has been involved. The kids have spent many an hour sanding, sweeping and of course riding their scooters up and down the stock room! We refitted the shop ourselves and it has been a labour of love.

Mr K Ouch!!
Kitchen in

The shop was formally a clothing boutique and it has undergone a complete refit, removing walls and installing a kitchen as well as a complete redecoration. We have reused and recycled absolutely everything; even the old scaffolding boards from the prior shop have been repurposed! The journey to get the shop open has been a real adventure. We have had lots of things to contend with; starting with a global pandemic, rot, new ceilings, plaster, electrics and halfway through the renovation Mr Knobbly Knees broke his leg in five places!

Mrs K working not putting on her PPE
Main display going up

Because of the Covid crisis it was really difficult to get trades in to help and so this delayed the opening of the shop by a couple of months. But without the help of some great friends who gave their services freely namely Lee, Hannah, Annali, Rachel, Flo, Luke, Jo, Charles and Jim. We are forever thankful for your help. Mrs Knobbly Knees has had to learn lots of new DIY skills whilst Mr Knees worked hard at home building the website. Despite the roller-coaster of 2020, this is a new beginning for our family and we can’t wait to get to know you all and enjoy serving the people of Sevenoaks Town.

Remember the chicken is watching