Can you bring your own containers?
Yes this is very much encouraged. We do ask that they are clean and dry as once items are dispensed we are not able to take back for health and safety reasons.
What do you sell on the deli counter?
We sell delicious artisan plant cheeses from some of the top producers in Kent and London. You will also find tasty salads and tarts, lunch boxes and daily specials - check the website or facebook for what's on. Lastly our deli counter is home to our hand made, unique and devilishly moreish Knobbly Bits!
Do you have any terms and conditions I can read?
Yes please find them here Terms and Conditions
Are you doing lunches?
Yes we are now doing lunches at Knobbly Knees. They will be freshly made each day and offer great value for money. We are also happy to split the box if you fancy a smaller lunch.
Are you a vegan shop?
Our shop is designed to make it easier for people to make eco swaps. One of the best things we can do as individuals to help reduce our impact on the planet is to eat less meat. With this in mind you wont find any meat products in our store. Saying that, you absolutely do NOT have to be a vegan to shop at Knobbly Knees! Our shelves are packed with delicious food for everyone to enjoy.