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Hip Hip Horay the online shop is open. To enter the store use the Shop menu item at the top of the screen or click here. Once in the store use the menus Food, Home and You to browse the items for sale. If you spend 50 pounds or over in the shop then postage is free.

Lots of new lines

Karimix Range Karimix Range

The Knobbly Knees stock buyer has been very busy selecting the best that Kent has to offer. We are now stocking superb Karimix sauces and condiments that have flavours from Asia to Africa. The 'A little bit' range of sauces and dips has made it onto our shelves too due to having some wonderful flavours. We also have the full range of Kentish Oils, great for cooking, also for dressing a tasty salad. Our sweetie range has also been expanded by Goupie chocolates, all made to a secret family recipe. There are some new great additions to our whole food range, so pop in and see for yourself just what Knobbly Knees can do for your taste buds.

Can You Give up plastic?

Stop plastic waste

We all know that single use plastic is not a good use of the earths resources and leaching poisons into the environment as it breaks down. You can read more about the problem here So what can an individual do to combat this? Here are some simple steps to take that will reduce the amount of plastic that you use.

  1. Buy a reusable shopping bag and take it with you when you go shopping
  2. Swap to solid soap bars and shampoo bars
  3. Use washable cleansing wipes and pads
  4. Use compostable sponges not plastic sponges
  5. Use wax wraps instead of cling film
  6. Buy dry goods in the amounts you need save space and plastic
Wax wraps

These simple tips will help to cut down your plastic use. We are here to help and can supply items that remove plastic from your shopping.